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Weight Loss FAQ

Does LetsBeSlim really work
Yes, definitely from our own experience and feedback received from many customers, and most importantly:  several randomized controlled trials on Glucomannan. These types of studies are the “gold standard” of scientific experimentation in humans.
In the biggest one, 176 healthy overweight people were randomly assigned to ingest either a supplement with Glucomannan, or placebo (a dummy pill), while on a calorie-restricted diet (8).
Three different Glucomannan supplements were tested, with varying dosages. Some also had other fibers added to them.
These were the results after 5 weeks:
As you can see, weight loss was significantly greater in the Glucomannan groups. There are several other studies that agree with this. Glucomannan causes weight loss in overweight and obese individuals when regularly ingested before a meal (9, 10, 11).
It is especially effective when combined with a weight-reducing diet and that is our real strength: Providing you with such great food options that it becomes a pleasure to lose weight! *
Delivery options and Cost

Outside South Africa delivery can take up to 2 weeks via registered mail. Rest of Africa: R89, including Namibia. Cities like Nairobi in Kenya place large orders with us.


We deliver anywhere in the world. Rest of the world outside Africa: R160


In South Africa you can have it delivered to your door: R79 or nearest post office: R89. In SA deliveries are normally within 3 working days. Door deliveries are faster and the parcel is delivered in your hand – no post office strikes & queues. If you live in a small remote town it is unlikely that the courier will deliver there and the parcel will have to go to your nearest post office.


However for door deliveries the courier needs to deliver to and address where someone will be there most of the time during office hours. If you yourself aren’t at one address during office hours, you are welcome to have it delivered to a friend, family or colleague who will be there to receive the parcel during office hours. If so – please send us your (or a friend/family members) DOOR address (not a PO Box), but only if you/they have someone there most of the day to receive the parcel.


There are Courier door deliveries to the following areas:
Cape Town – All suburbs enclosed in the circle: Fish Hoek, Strand, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Durbanville and Melkbosstrand
Centurion – All suburbs,
Durban – All suburbs,,
East London – All suburbs,,
Halfway House
Hout Bay,
Johannesburg – All suburbs,,
Kempton Park,
King William’s Town,
Krugersdorp – All suburbs,,
Kuils River,
Midrand – All suburbs,,
Mitchells Plain,
Mossel Bay,
Pietermaritzburg – All suburbs,,
Plettenberg Bay,
Port Elizabeth,
Port Shepstone,
Pretoria – All suburbs,,
Richards Bay,
Rustenburg – All suburbs,,
Springs – All suburbs,,
Vereeniging – All suburbs,,


If you think we might have left your suburb or town out of this list, please call/SMS/Whatsapp/e-mail us and
we will quickly check if you do have door deliveries where you live.

How does LetsBeSlim differ from all the others?

LetsBeSlim’s Glucomannan has a unique and exceptional ability to absorb water and is the most viscous dietary fiber known to science. Glucomannan promote weight loss via several mechanisms (1):


  • It has very low calorie content.
  • It takes up space in the stomach and promotes an exceptional feeling of fullness (satiety), and automatically and drastically reduces food intake at a subsequent meal.
  • It delays emptying of the stomach, resulting to even more increased satiety (2).
  • It reduces the absorption of protein and fat (3).
  • It also feeds the friendly bacteria in the intestine, which turn it into short-chain fatty acids like butyrate, shown to protect against fat gain. (4, 5).
  • Feeding the friendly gut bacteria may also have other benefits, and studies have shown a correlation between altered gut bacteria and body weight (6, 7).


Finally: All of LetsBeSlim’s Glucomannan attributes above are backed by numerous randomized controlled trials:  The “Gold Standard” of weight loss science. (8).

Do I have to cook separately for me and the rest of my family?
No it’s not necessary at all! You receive a month’s worth of recipes to choose from to keep everyone happy and it’s really GOOD FOOD! See here.
How many & when do I drink the LetsBeSlim capsules?
Take 2 capsule 15 minutes to an hour before each meal: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Swallow the capsules with 1 to 2 glasses of water. And remember: LetsBeSlim is all natural – no drugs – nothing that will keep you awake at night.
Will I still lose weight if my metabolism is slow?
Oh yes you will. Just slower than normal in the beginning, but your metabolism will also start speeding up and so your weight loss will also speed up! *
Can I take more than 2 capsules per meal?
If you are in a rush or have a lot (>10kg) to lose – yes, by all means take another one or more. Remember there are no drugs in LetsBeSlim – so there are no side effects from taking more. But, we prefer that customers don’t lose too fast to avoid the stretch mark problems.
What is your guarantee policy?
LetsBeSlim is backed with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the results obtained with LetsBeSlim after using it for at least 3 weeks, simply return the unused products within 30 days for a full refund of the returned products (calculated pro rata and excluding shipping & handling charges). Contact our support department if you need to return your order. The 30 days is calculated from dispatch date + 3 working days, by which time you should have received or fetched the parcel. If you deposit the money and then change your mind, for whatever reason, we will charge you R100 admin fee. Please note that we can only do refunds to customers with bank accounts in South Africa.
What does LetsBeSlim Cost?
Glucomannan Special: You pay for 1 bottle, but you get 2 Bottles!   1 Bottle for FREE!!
2 x 60 x 500g capsules = 60,000g
6 Bottle Bulk Discount. 3 Sets or 6 bottles at a Massive discount of R49!!
Insurance. Optional
Choose one of the delivery options below
To your Door. 3 Working days. SA only
To nearest post office. 3 Working days. SA only
Rest of Africa. (Namibia etc) 2 to 3 weeks. Registered Post.
Rest of the World. Registered Post
Where can I buy it?

We do not market via agents or pharmacies or shops. They load the prices way over the top which puts it out of reach of most of our customers. We deliver anywhere in SA and overseas, normally within 3 working days in SA. You can pay with a Credit Card. CLICK HERE. (Very safe using SSL encryption). Or do an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or a normal Bank Deposit. CLICK HERE.

Do I have to buy ‘special foods’?
No, its normal food that you can buy at your normal supermarket and we make it easy for you: We give you a month’s worth of Recipes as well as the Weekly Shopping List for these recipes. All for FREE! You don’t get it easier than this! See here.
Once I reach my goal weight, do I have to keep on using LetsBeSlim?
No – by now your eating habits will have changed without you even noticing, and you will know how to keep at your goal weight.
What if I ‘cheat’?
You will slow down your weight loss until you stop cheating and then you will start losing faster again
Are there any STIMULANTS in LetsBeSlim?
No stimulants at all.
Is it safe to use my credit card online?
Absolutely! We have employed a top online security system that is powered by an efficient SSL 256-bit symmetric key encryption system. This ensures that all your transactions and information are protected and kept confidential. This makes shopping with us safer than at a supermarket or restaurant! With more than 15 years of online sales we’ve not had a single case of credit card theft!

You are quite correct to worry about this. Some large Russian criminal syndicates have been targeting South African consumers with very clever online adverts using copies of well known international Magazines such as ‘Womens Health’ to sell their scams. You buy thinking it is from a reputable site, but you never receive anything for the money you spent 🙁


How do you know we are not another scam:


  1. We bank at Capitec: Lets Be Slim, Flexible Savings Acc No: 1437662763, Branch Code 470010
    Capitec would have closed our account ages ago due to customer complaints. Scammers only take credit cards. They don’t have traceable bank accounts.
  2. We mostly market via adverts in magazines such as People, Huisgenoot, Vrouekeur etc and a lot of newspapers.
    Once again the magazines and newspapers would have refused to place our adverts if we were scammers. Scammers only use internet or e-mail adverts.
  3. Unlike the international scammers we can be contacted via phone/cell/fax and email. See our Phone numbers and other contact data here.
    Scammers never provide a phone number (or one that works 🙂  By the way: This is the easiest way to check if someone is a scammer – no phone number nearly always mean a scammer.


Rest assured we are a real South African company – we exist – we deliver and support 🙂