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Weight Loss Testimonials

Laura Jackson from Bellville

I wish I heard about LetsBeSlim ages ago. I have tried so many tablets and exercises and potions – you name it!!


My mother lost 11 kilos with you and that got me very interested! She’s never been able to lose anything.

Same here. So far I am half way into my journey!  I’ve lost 24.8kg in 5 months and I’m still losing every week!   Feeling amazing!

Sandy Harris from Pretoria

It’s been a little over a year since I started with LetsBeSlim, and I’ve lost around 54 kilograms!

I’m not supposed to say this, but after a month I started cheating and only used one capsule instead of 2 like LetsBeSlim recommends and I still lost all of that!


I’m currently in the process of losing the last stubborn 3-4 kilograms to get to my goal weight. There are a couple of Half Marathon’s (10 km) here in the Highveld and I want to do one before the end of the year. I can already do 7 km without stopping. Nearly there!

A year ago I could only run for 20 seconds before stopping to catch my breath! I have come so far is such a short time.

Now I’m so happy and life is just fabulous!!


My mother flew up from PE and she burst out crying when she saw me.

Charmaine Albrecht from Strand

I’ve struggled with my body for most of my life. I was always the “big girl” in school, my nickname from 2nd grade was “drommetjie”, and as much as I tried to ignore it, it killed me. I can honestly say that I HATED every single thing about myself for close to 15 years. I would do everything I could to try and lose weight: Starvation, purging, self harm, the whole caboodle, and I would lose 40 kg’s and put it back on the same year. I thought that was going to be my life for ever after.


I eat a full 3 meals a day with 2 or 3 snacks, I don’t diet, I don’t purge, I don’t self harm. It took just under 6 months, and I can honestly say I am 100x happier than I ever believed was possible!


Self love is worth it. Happiness is worth it. And LetsBeSlim is really worth it!

Charmaine Albrechts 120 dpi beveled weight Png

Carin Jonker from Pietermaritzburg

23 Kilos of pregnancy fat gone in 7 months! Picture on the left was taken 6 weeks after the birth.


I thought I was doomed and I was waiting for my husband to say something and then I googled LetsBeSlim by accident and the testimonials convinced me to try.

Thank heavens!!

Brigit Strydom from Bloemfontein

“Three months ago I was at my fattest, which was a little over 76 kg’s. Now I’m at 63!

I do not have a goal weight because it makes me give up, but I’m more than happy at 63.


Difficult? No – I was scared in the beginning, but once I realised that there’s more than enough food it was really easy.

My best friend said I was eating all the time and that I wasting my money and that I will pick up weight. The week after she said it I lost 2 kg’s in one week!  🙂 


She ordered as well and the same story: she could never lose before and now she lost 12 kg’s and her tummy just disappeared!